Have you always wanted to sell some of your console games? How about some of your gaming or nerdy collectibles? Well with the XS Member Marketplace now you can!

For quite awhile members had been looking to be able to sell item of theirs to others in the community, but there is always a risk of someone being scammed. Now with the XS Member Marketplace, Xiled Elite members can sell their items with the assistance of Xiled Syndicate.

Acting as the “middle man”, Xiled Syndicate will take in ZERO percent of the member sales. Xiled Syndicate will hold and store the items until they have been purchased. After purchase, XS will directly and properly package and mail the items to their buyers, and buyers will receive tracking numbers for their items on the same day! All items purchased from the marketplace will even be mailed within 24 hours & even same day if ordered before 4pm!

No, this is not eBay or Amazon, or Wish. No one is going to get gypped or overcharged, or have things take 10 years to get to you. If a selling member even requests to have their item returned to them, it will be returned by XS. While utilizing the XS Member Marketplace, Xiled Elite members will be able to help support the Xiled Syndicate Events Department.

Out of the Xiled Elite memberships that list items on the marketplace, 10% of those will help towards shipping material of the items for when they are sold. Of any Xiled Elite reoccurring members that list in the marketplace, 90% of those will directly help fund Xiled Events. Within 6 months we will be able to bring weekly prized tournaments to XE members, then bi-weekly prized tournaments to all members.

In wanting to help the vision of being able to produce more live events for the XS Mixer channel, and also give competitive members prizes and recognition that they deserve. This can all be done while giving the XE members an opportunity to generate revenue, and give members security in selling and trading with other members.

Keep in mind, the institution of the XS Member Marketplace does not mean that members cannot buy/sell/trade outside of the marketplace. The XS Member Marketplace gives XS members a chance to help give back and support the XS Events Department, all while having a secure way of doing so. Any members who choose to buy/sell/trade outside of the XS Member Marketplace, must keep in mind they are doing so at their own risk.

If you are an Xiled Elite member & subscriber and have some items to sell, go ahead and fill out your Merchant Application now!

Take a trip over to the XS Member Marketplace today to see what members have to offer!

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