There are many departments within the Xiled Syndicate coalition, that have many different purposes. There is also a program within these departments called the LDP or Leadership Development Program. This program has many different purposes within our communities. The news team caught wind of this and wanted to reach out in order to get more information for members. So on behalf of the news team I reached out to TXO Noob 7XS an LDP Lead staff member to get the inside scoop.


What does the LDP stand for?

“Leadership Development Program.

Knowledge is power: Understanding your rank and responsibilities that goes with it and keep up to date with it. Making yourself the go to person for information instantly gives you an edge that your peers will not have; helping you gain an insight into how everything is ran This expertise will aid you in proactively knowing  things some won’t which you can then contribute to helping tomorrows leaders going above and beyond your rank description can be a daily, if not weekly occurrence. Your values and actions should demonstrate how you have clearly had a positive impact on essential projects and how you are committed to aiding the growth of XS.”


Why is it important?

“No leaders started out in leadership gaining perspective about positive leadership.. There is truth behind the phrase “leaders lead and followers follow,” but there’s a lot to learn about being an effective leader by learning to be a good follower. Good followers aren’t passive, but instead passionately committed and deeply involved in their organization and its goals. Emerging leaders are aware of other’s feelings and circumstances. This includes division staff , board members,  every member in general . Good followers learn about what motivates them and their members to do good work, as well as understanding other people’s needs and encouraging their potential.”


What  is something we should know about the LDP?

“The future of XS depends on what us leaders do today for tomorrow’s leaders, everyone has to play an important and crucial role in XS for the future. It is the duty of every member of the community to participate and strengthen XS. Together, as leaders we create an educational environment that enables our members to grow. Our members learn to work, individually and cooperatively within the community while preparing to serve as leaders. For today’s leaders to find, secure, and align the leaders of tomorrow with their long-term organizational goals, they must change and adjust their strategies. They also must play an active role in helping these future leaders grow in their current roles.”


How long does it take to be LDP certified?

6 weeks for SSG/MSG, 4 weeks for LT/GEN.”


What does it take to be LDP mastered?

“Once you are LT/GEN LDP Certified you will move into LDP Mastered.”

What does the LDP do for future leaders?

“The nature of knowledge is very relevant to what members are in XS and at what particular place. For example, if a member  is in a squad where there is no positivity leadership, teaching or guidance they too, will learn to believe it’s ok to not teach, guide, motivate and be positive to other members.. If a member  is in a squad where independence is encouraged leadership is paved, they are consistently learning and being guided they will most likely become an amazing leader of tomorrow with the knowledge they can carry on from what they seen not only seeing but hearing and being encouraged.”

What things do you learn in the program?

“The ability to form meaningful connections with others is one of the key foundations on which leadership depends. You will need to speak with other people and to understand them at a deep level to motivate, inspire and lead them. If your members  want to become leaders, encourage them to speak with people they don’t know and to work on their active listening skills. Make sure your members ask for clarification and to wait until the other person is done speaking before they respond, and they will start forming lasting connections in no time.”


How did the program come about?

“Leadership is everything, a squad is only as good as their leader is. If you want results be a leader not a boss. It’s the leaders job to lead their team to what they want them to be. Leaders are accountable for their teams Performance. Great leaders understand that they’re the ones in charge, meaning they’re responsible for everyone in their squad — the successes and the failures. Leaders who are invested in their members  and committed to helping them grow will almost always keep their staffs/members engaged. Education is knowledge and we want to make sure we are here for all members to help them no matter if it is policies or leadership skills.”

Who is the head of LDP?


Are there any last thoughts you’d like to leave us with or advice you’d like to impart on our readers?

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have to others. LDP isn’t just about learning, it’s about creating bonds with members from all communities.”

With these words of wisdom from TXO Noob 7XS, we prepare the next leaders of tomorrow. With all this information given to us we hope that we’ve shed some light on what the LDP is. Thank you to TXO Noob 7XS for you’re time and the information you gave to us and we wish all the future leaders good luck.

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