Will “Kaiser” Elledge

Classification: Executive

Description: President is the highest-ranking executive. Their primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations/resources of the organization, and acting as the main point of communication between the Board of Directors and corporate operations. The President is responsible for promotions and demotions within the Board of Directors.

Bio: Growing up, my childhood was anything but ordinary but I always loved video games. From constant relocations to family issues, I always had the ability to get away by playing video games. With that being said, I learned early on that life was not easy and that if I wanted to achieve something I had to work for it, regardless of the stakes. My teenage years through adulthood were definitely a struggle, but I knew what I wanted to do with my life and that was to follow my dream and be a part of the gaming industry in one form or another. That path has led me to where I am today with Esports being the primary focus. 

When I first joined XGN (XS), my main games were Battlefield and Call of Duty. In the community I met many people that I became close with and they introduced me to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. I immediately fell in love with the game and have been dedicated to it ever since. We created a team and did very well. Over time I had the opportunity to take that team and represent the Division (BoS) and later the community. The road has definitely been bumpy at times but many lessons were learned along the way. I knew I wanted to become a professional but I never fully understood where that would take me, so I decided I would go with the flow and do my best. I eventually relocated within the community to Double Helix (DH) and met many more people that were very helpful and supportive of the team and my dream. After a while we turned into a team that was only something I had dreamed of with the help of many people, especially Uprise. Now we have an amazing program, team and the ability to run a league (Xiled League) to assist other people in furthering their careers as players as well as the relaunch of Outlast the Opposition (OTO) as an Esports Organization for XS. These past several years have been amazing and I owe so many people for their guidance and support. 

Special Thank You to: Tex, Frost and Storm for all your assistance and guidance along this journey.


Collin “Uprise” Gilbert


Classification: Executive

Vice President (VP) is the second-highest-ranking executive. Their primary responsibilities include working side by side with the President and the other Board of Directors of the organization. The VP’s job is to make sure the organization is running as well as it possibly can, with a smooth, efficient leadership team that meets the expectations and needs of members and users.

United States Marine Corps Veteran (7011)
BA History: San Diego State University 2020

As a child, I was naturally drawn to video games for both entertainment and their ability to provide a temporary escape from the troubles of the outside world. I spent thousands of hours across various platforms, and in my adolescence I eventually found my home in FPS games such as Call of Duty, Counterstrike, and Battlefield. Like most young gamers, I aspired to be the next big thing in the world of ESports, but I put those dreams on hold following my decision to join the United States Marine Corps in 2015 to pursue both a possible career and schooling. Upon my separation in the Summer of 2019, I transferred to San Diego State University where I completed my Bachelors in History in August 2020.

Education and experience are key, but as a husband and a father, I feel that encouraging my family to never give up on their dreams is just as important. For that reason, when I was approached with the opportunity to join Xiled Syndicate to play on a Rainbow Six Siege competitive team, yes was the only answer. I have come to embrace the sense of community that I had missed since my separation from the military and have made countless friends in our quest to make it to that coveted R6 Invitational. My involvement in Xiled League and Outlast the Opposition are beyond anything I could have possibly imagined, and I hope that I will be able to use my education and experience to benefit XS and its amazing community.

Chief of Operations (COO)

Classification: Executive (Operations)

Description: Chief of Operations (COO) is responsible for the daily operation of the organization and leads the execution of strategies developed by the Vice President and President. They must ensure all operations are run in a safe and secure manner. They are also responsible for the proper communication/advertisement of sponsor information, specials, giveaways, and more. The Chief of Operations is also responsible for investigating incidents and possible suspicions of rule-breaking and professional misconduct. The COO is responsible for all promotions and demotions within Senior Leadership with the approval of the Vice President or President.

Chief Performance Officer (CPO)

Classification: Executive (Personel)


Description: Chief Performance Officer (CPO) ensures the performance of the Senior Leadership. The CPO is in charge of the proper communication and flow of information from the top tiers of leadership to the lowest and provide the tools to complete their duties at the highest level possible. In addition, they are responsible for making sure that events are properly communicated throughout the organization. The CPO is to utilize information and intelligence data to determine usefulness for the organization while working to improve all aspects of the organization alongside the Chief of Operations (COO).

Storm OTO

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) 

Classification: Executive (Web Ops)


Description: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is an executive-level position whose occupation is focused on technological issues and research within our organization, as well as maintaining and improving Web Operations and communicating web-server operations to the Board of Directors. They are also responsible for the administration team and suggesting problem-solving performance. They are responsible for all web related operations including Discord, social media and the website

Head Analyst (HA)

Description: The Head Analyst is responsible for ensuring all teams/players stats are kept track of in an accurate and timely manner. The HA will lead a team of analysts in a professional manner while working with the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to keep all players stats up to date on the site each week. Any additions to the team must be approved by the Chief Performance Officer (CPO). Reports Directly to the CPO.

OTO Texy

Head Content Creator (HCC)

Description: The Head Content Creator (HCC) is responsible for ensuring any content that the organization is in need of is completed in a timely manner and that all content is to the quality that is expected by the Organization. In order to assure this is done, the HCC will lead a team consisting of artists, streamers, etc that will fulfill all needs of the organization. Any additions to the team must be approved by the Chief Performance Officer (CPO). The Head Content Creator will work with the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Head of Social Media (HSM) to ensure all content is shared and posted on the site and all social media platforms. Reports directly to the CPO.

Head of Social Media (HSM)

Description: The Head of Social Media (HSM) is responsible for keeping all social media platforms associated with the organization active and that all information is posted/shared in a timely manner. They MUST ensure that all posts are professional and reflect the organization in a positive manner. To do this the HSM will be responsible for a small social media team. Any additions to the team must be approved by the Chief Performance Officer (CPO). The Head of Social Media will work alongside the Head Content Creator (HCC) to get any artwork/content that is needed and the Board of Directors to ensure all necessary information is broadcasted across all social media platforms. Reports directly to the CPO.

Zeeahlot OTO

Head of Talent Acquisition (HTA)

Description: The Head of Talent Acquisition (HTA) is responsible for seeking talent that could help and/or progress the organization in a positive manner. This can consist of players, teams, content creators and more. The HTA will work with the other Heads (Senior Leadership) to see if any talent found will be a proper fit for the organization. Reports directly to the CPO.

Head Manager (HM)

Description: The Head Manager (HM) is responsible for ensuring all teams are running smoothly and efficiently. All team Managers report directly to the Head Manager. They are to handle issues amongst the teams and reports directly to the Chief Performance Officer (CPO). Also the HM is to work with the other Heads (Senior Leadership) to ensure all aspects of the teams, including stats and content are being sent to the proper staff to be utilized by the organization.