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HELL5 KORNER is a weekly event held within Xiled Syndicate, taking place in the main XS Discord server. Similar to a workshop, this is an event that takes place in a voice channel and interacts with the members who attend. This event is hosted by none other than XGN Oreo 7, a recently promoted Senior Director within XS.

“What’s HELL5 KORNER in your own words?” I asked Oreo. “HELL5 KORNER to me is an opportunity for everyone to learn. Unlike normal workshops, HELL5 KORNER is a weekly gathering that happens at the same time, at the same place for everyone in Xiled Syndicate to attend. Not only is HELL5 KORNER strictly organised and kept consistent but the atmosphere is more relaxed and chill whilst also learning great information to help everyone progress successfully through the ranks!”

“What type of things are shared in HELL5 KORNER?” I asked next. “I try to cover all recent topics within the community. However, sometimes it depends on what the members want. If someone has a topic they would like me to talk about, I will try my best to involve it into the next HELL5 KORNER. At the end of each HELL5 KORNER I ask everyone if they have any other questions not related to today’s topic just so I can help as many people as I can.”

Understandably so, most people may be thinking that this is just like an ordinary workshop other than it being hosted by a Senior Director. Which is exactly why I asked Oreo, “What are the benefits of attending?” To which he responded with, “Enhancing your knowledge as a leader overall as well as adding another workshop to your uniform. However, if I’m going to be honest, I think most people join to listen to me.”

As everyone knows, the Vice President of XS is HELL5 himself, so my next question for Oreo was, “Is HELL5 involved with his own KORNER?” “HELL5 KORNER was created years ago by XGN HELL5FURY 7, now known as XGN HELL5 7XS. He was involved in all of them including the HELL5 KOUNCIL and was the creator of them too. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the time to host them at the moment so that is why I have stepped in. However, I can guarantee that it puts a smile on his face seeing the Korner and Kouncil being hosted every week by his Senior Directors.”

“What’s the difference between Korner and Kouncil?” “HELL5 KORNER is mainly based for people around the ranks of SSG – General and I focus on squad level topics. HELL5 KOUNCIL is a Division Staff+ limited workshop and they focus more onto division level issues and topics. XGN BlueDream 7XS is the main host for the KOUNCIL and I am the main host for the KORNER. However if one of us is unavailable, we fill in for each other.”

To end it all off, I asked Oreo for any personal comments and recommendations about HELL5 KORNER. “It is 101% worth it! If you have any free time when the Korner is being hosted, I do recommend and strongly advise attending. Not only is it educational, but it is also fun and enjoyable! 100% Rotten Tomato’s rating.”

After interviewing Oreo, I decided to ask BlueDream for information as well. My first question for him was “Why was HELL5 KORNER created?” With swift response, he told me, “Because HELL5 saw a problem with squad staff in the community way back then. He created it for him to be able to work with them.”

“Do you think it’s efficiently served its purpose?” “Yeah it went dead for a while as HELL5 moved up it wasn’t getting hosted, then when I came back from military LoA, I asked Ish if I could try something out with it having the Directors host it on a rotation to keep it fresh but nobody wanted to do it or was good enough at it. There was only Oreo so he went full time with it as he made it to Senior Director.”

Then came my final question for BlueDream, “Do you think there will come a time where HELL5 can start interacting with it and as well as the members who attend it again?” BlueDream took a little while to answer, but he answered with the unfortunate truth of the matter. “No, I don’t. He might show up to one or two of them in the future but him hosting it every week? No, I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

In the end HELL5 KORNER is an advanced workshop that everyone gets to take advantage of, as well as use the opportunity to meet our Senior Directors. Not only does it go over plenty of educational topics to help everyone learn about our community, but it is a wonderful community gathering that aids in keeping our community running. It is one of those events that help keep that family aspect alive within XS and show our lower ranks that even Directors and higher aren’t anyone to fear, but are people who joined for events such as HELL5 KORNER as well.

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